Lil greens and some canning

So while my chicks are growing, roughly six or seven just waiting to come into this world, I decided to start the next project: gardening. So this greenhouse sat sadly in the box since my last birthday. My birthday is in April 😦 I know that sounds terrible, but better now than ever.

So I sat, building this starter greenhouse, and developing a plan as to what fruit and vegetables I will want to grow. The ultimate plan is to grow and can. So my greenhouse will serve as the seed starter until I can transpose into the ground when it is warmer.

Planning a garden is as complex as anything else. Certain things need to grow next to each other because they grow better or taste better. Also, I have to decide what kind of greenhouse am I going to have outside. Do I do a couple hoop houses? Do I do organic and regular? How much land do I want to use? Do I go big and incorporate aquaphobics from the beginning? Do I obtain my license to sell my canned goods to cafes and restaurants or just stick to farmers markets? Do I use some of my chicken manure to make a mixture for fertilizer? So many decisions……

Who would ever thought all this hard work would actually be therapeutic? Gives me a sense of purpose, a mission to look forward too, and most importantly a sense of courage and inspiration. I can do this and can’t wait to see the greens start growing.

3 thoughts on “Lil greens and some canning

      • Most things take a few days to a week to germinate then depending on what you have growing they stay in the green house from 4-8 weeks then you can plant them.
        Just woke up also had my sisters wedding last night. So give me an hour or so and I may give better advice lol


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