Oh lil chicks where are you?

As Spring is around the corner, all I keep thinking about are all the projects I want to start and see flourish. I see the vision of them as they start and the excitement deepens. My first project, on my life long journey of homesteading, was chickens. Their coop is almost complete with the exception of an easier way to clean the inside. They are laying a bunch of eggs to the point I can now sell and bring on the hatchingggggg.

I never got the chance to hatch in grade school. Super jealous of those that did and every time I see a classroom have them, it just warms my heart. So here I am couple months ago, getting presents for those that are near and dear to my heart, and next thing I know (BOOM) incubator in my Amazon cart. Hello Christmas present for myself, don’t mind if I do! Fast forward a couple days and that plastic pink cube never looked so cute.

There are so many variables to hatching eggs that I never thought or realized. Have to have right humidity, temperature, turning the egg, and 50/50 if it is a fertile egg. So I tested my incubator for a couple days. Holds the temperature like a champ! Humidity that is a different animal. It has been so tricky to hold the range of humidity in the incubator. So I loaded up my incubator with eggs I collected for two days. 12 beautiful eggs was all I could fit.

After the first day, I noticed I did not put the rod in correctly for my eggs to turn. Mistake number one already 😦 So I researched tons of articles on whether that hurt the development. I figured too soon to tell. I tried candling day 4 and couldn’t see anything. In my mind I thought, great I suck nothing grew or I already killed them. I kept the eggs in there as I kept watching YouTube and reading articles for knowledge. I am on day 8 now and through candling I had one chick growing. I saw the veins and embryo of this tiny chick creature and I am beyond excited. I took the other unfertile eggs out and replaced them with a new batch. Let’s hope that was not mistake number two.

Excuse the terrible photo but look at those babies.

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