Homesteading and More

As I start my journey down the homestead path, I first have to reminisce on how this eye-opening lifestyle came to be in my life. Who would have thought, a simple conversation and a slight making fun of preppers would lead me to where I am in life.

Some might be asking what is homesteading? Obviously a definition of it is out there, but really it’s what you make of it regardless of how much land you have. I believe it’s about making steps to reduce your footprint as much as you can. Developing and teaching skills that seems like are slowing down due to our new world of technology. Connecting with nature and enriching your life on a different level.

So why the interest in homesteading? There are several reasons. I love the concept of becoming sustainable. I want to know where my food is coming from, what I am eating, and what things are being applied. Second, a connection to my land and nature. What is more beautiful than being able to go outside, have peace and hopefully quiet, and truly enjoying and admiring your hard work and dedication. Sounds magically doesn’t it?!?!? Lastly, the future learnings for my child. The skills he will learn, the memories and experiences are and will be priceless.

What is the benefit of homesteading? It has been a welcoming distraction from a difficult time in my life. As that time has faded I’ve grown to love it. It meant something before I started, but now it further strengthened the desire. It has given me many lessons. Some that were needed and some I wish never would have happened. (As I write more blogs, you will start to see the mistrials and success stories.) It’s been a very rocky road getting started and will continue to be as I find my way on the things I want to put on my homestead. It defines a person. It takes a lot of patience, time, organization, networking, and most importantly commitment. Homesteading isn’t for everyone and I recommend reading anything and everything you can get your hands on. Talk to fellow homesteaders. There is a HUGE community that will give the best insights and support you can imagine.

So as you can see, I’m just starting on my homestead. I’m a rookie. I will be the first to admit I don’t know jack shit about living out in the country as I was a city girl, but I’ve learned to adapt. I have chickens and nicknamed myself Mother of Chickens. My flock once was 90+. I’m convinced poultry is my thing, but I won’t stop there. I have a plan in my head. I won’t call it a dream because some dreams don’t come true. I call it a vision and here’s why: I was once taught if you visualize yourself doing it, you will do it. So this is me doing what I love. This is me sharing my memories, my life, my passion. Life’s been complicated and beautiful. You never know where it leads you. So buckle up friends, family, and fellow homesteaders. We are about to go on a hell of a ride!

4 thoughts on “Homesteading and More

  1. We too started from scratch, almost three years ago. It’s a lot of hard work and not quite as romantically charming as I had envisioned, but on a cool, clear winter night I look up at the stars (that I never saw in the city) and am very thankful for our decision. Hardships and all.


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